In light of living in a new Kingdom, Tom Jones challenges his readers to rethink our view of enemies, the military and war. He makes a biblical appeal for Christian pacifism—that is, instead of being involved in war against enemies of our nation, we must be committed to a life-style of enemy-love and peace-making. This is a challenging but crucial topic to explore as most nations field armies and have weapons of destructions.

Chapter 1 — Thank You for Your Service

Chapter 2 — Man's WIsdom or God's?

Chapter 3 — The Prince of Peace: He Is Coming

Chapter 4 — The Prince of Peace: He Has Come

Chapter 5 — The Teaching of the Early Church

Chapter 6 — Just War Theory

Chapter 7 — The Military Experience

Chapter 8 — Good Questions

Chapter 9 — Better Questions

Chapter 10 — The Toughest Question

Chapter 11 — Practical Particulars

Chapter 12 — A "Disputable? Matter?

Chapter 13 — Summing Up

Chapter 14 — Mind Change..."But God"

Appendix — Kingdom Love for Enemies

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The Kingdom of God, Volume 3