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 "Adults whom we call geniuses are those who somehow retain and build upon that childlike capacity throughout their lives." —Dr. Peter Gray, Psychologist

Capes & Tiaras and The Power of Childlikeness is a title that most would dismiss as childish or elementary! But surprisingly this Book touches the heart of every human being (no matter what the age) and will make them reconsider their worldview. It examines this principle from a scientific, cognitive, emotional and spiritual perspective. For most, some of our happiest times were when we were children and life seemed carefree and joyful and we lived with little stress. This Book will act like an anti-stress/aging serum and bring life back into a predictable and mundane life/relationship. Tapping into the "Power of Childlikeness" will help one process life's hurts, have deeper friendships, revitalize a marriage and connect with family like never before. The author proves that one must keep hold of one's childlikeness and purge out childishness to live a holistic healthy life. Enjoy!

About the author: Marvin and his wife, Sharisse currently lead a church in Guam. Previously, they led a church in Little Rock, Arkansas. They now lead a church in Guam.

While there, Marvin and Sharisse planted a new congregation in Norwich. Marvin grew up as an atheist himself for half his life, and now being a spiritually-minded person, it gives Marvin a unique worldview. He has a master's degree in pastoral counseling and has spoken and taught on various subjects all over the world. If you enjoy this book, check out his first book, Baguette Moments: Learning the Power of Entrustment.

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Capes and Tiaras The Power of Childlikeness
$4.99 $12.99