God, are We Good? Can I Know for Sure? - Illumination Publishers
God, are We Good? Can I Know for Sure? - Illumination Publishers
God, are We Good? Can I Know for Sure? - Illumination Publishers
God, are We Good? Can I Know for Sure? - Illumination Publishers

God, are We Good? Can I Know for Sure?

The More YOU Know, The Better WE Grow!


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A Most Unique Book 

I do think this latest book of mine is in some ways my most unique – and yet the topic is anything but unique. I’ve asked hundreds of people if they thought they were right with God. With but few exceptions, almost all have answered yes. In light of what Jesus said in Matthew 7:13-14, most of their answers were sadly incorrect. In this short book (102 pages), I address biblically the three most common answers I receive about why people believe they are okay with God: I am a good person; I had a salvation experience at some point; I am a committed Christian.

I wrote this book with the intent of giving copies to friends, neighbors and relatives and asking them to read it as a favor to me. I will explain that after reading it, I would hope we can discuss it and I can answer questions that they have. Everyone should examine and reexamine their relationship to God from the Bible. Further, those who are okay with God will receive encouragement and be better equipped to help others answer the question.

As I said, I think the book is unique and uniquely needed by a huge segment of the population. I predict that this little volume will accomplish more than any of my others in helping people get to heaven. Get a copy and read it, after which I am confident you too will give copies to your relatives, neighbors and friends. It may well make an eternal difference in the life of someone you love!

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