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Mornings in Matthew (Kindle)

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Tammy's objective in her exposition of the gospel of Matthew is to help you know God better, in a simple, practical and personal way. Her intention is for you to come away from each chapter with specific and practicals for each day. To become more like Jesus every day. Never striving to earn salvation but rather wanting to offer a grateful response to God. She covers all 28 chapters of Matthew with insights that will challenge, inspire and move you to be closer to Jesus.

Matthew Chapter One: Righteous‚ Says Who?
Matthew Chapter Two: The God Who Tells the Future
Matthew Chapter Three: Producing Good Fruit
Matthew Chapter Four: Love in the Desert
Matthew Chapter Five: Confronting My Core Values
Matthew Chapter Six: Where No One Sees
Matthew Chapter Seven: Dealing with My Plank
Matthew Chapter Eight: He Drove Out the Spirits with a Word
Matthew Chapter Nine: Compassion and Great Affection
Matthew Chapter Ten: Acknowledging Jesus
Matthew Chapter Eleven: A Worthy Response
Matthew Chapter Twelve: Greater Than the Temple
Matthew Chapter Thirteen: Holding On to the Heart of a Disciple
Matthew Chapter Fourteen: "Was Wrong"
Matthew Chapter Fifteen: Worship
Matthew Chapter Sixteen: Watch Out
Matthew Chapter Seventeen: Changed for GoodÐTrusting God
Matthew Chapter Eighteen: Expecting Change
Matthew Chapter Nineteen: Not What, But Who
Matthew Chapter Twenty: No Argos for Me
Matthew Chapter Twenty-One: Moving Mountains
Matthew Chapter Twenty-Two: Heart, Soul, Mind, Strength
Matthew Chapter Twenty-Three: Crucial Conversations
Matthew Chapter Twenty-Four: Faithful and Wise
Matthew Chapter Twenty-Five: Moments of Reckoning
Mathew Chapter Twenty-Six: When Reassurance Is Not Reassuring
Matthew Chapter Twenty-Seven: A Time to Be Silent and a Time to Speak
Matthew Chapter Twenty-Eight: Fear or Faith
I. Ten Common Fallacies of Biblical Exegesis
II. Core Values
III. Reward, Commendation, Salvation
IV. Crucial Conversations
V. Jesus and Loss

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