This volume begins with two prophets of uncertain date:

Joel: The Prophet of Zion's Future
Obadiah: The Prophet of God's Sovereignty

The Book then discusses the prophets of the Assyrian period beginning
with Amos and ending with Micah. The prophets of the Assyrian period
prophesied concerning the decline and fall of the Northern Kingdom of
Israel. This was an extremely turbulent time for the people of Israel
and Judah. The Book looks at the five prophets of the period in this

  • 1. Amos: The Prophet of Social Justice
  • 2. Jonah Ben Amittal: The Prophet of God's Universal Love
  • 3. Hosea Ben Beeri: The Prophet of Unconditional Love
  • 4. Isaiah Ben Amoz: The Prophet of Holiness
  • 5. Micah of Moresheth: The Prophet of the Poor
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Prophets II—Prophets of the Assyrian Period