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The Ageless Athletic Spirit—Training with A World Champion

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Bill Collins is a World Champion sprinter, holding numerous World and American records set in age group track competition. He has won 27 World Championship titles and 120 National Championship titles, and the count continues to grow each year.

The good news for readers of this Book is that Bill is not only a competitor, he is also a skilled coach who trains athletes of all ages, including masters, high school, college and professional athletes. Bill's focus with his athletes is developing superior levels of fitness that result in enhanced general athleticism and speed.

The Ageless Athletic Spirit not only addresses the process of reacquiring an athletic life for a masters athlete, it also contains a proven program for developing speed and general athleticism for athletes of any age, participating in any sport. Drawing on over 45 years of athletic experience, Bill's techniques have been proven over time through his training of numerous world class athletes. The training principles in this Book will not only help track and field athletes, middle and long distance runners, it provides a program that allows an athlete in any sport to increase their general athleticism and speed.

The book's content deals not only with the philosophies of training, but also extends into philosophies of living the athletic life, drawing on the extensive life experiences of Bill and his co-author Rick Riddle.

Step inside the covers of The Ageless Athletic Spirit, begin training with a World Champion, and you will never train the same again!

Chapter 01 - The Ageless Spirit
Chapter 02 - The Comeback
Chapter 03 - Cornerstone One: Knowing What You Want
Chapter 04 - Cornerstone Two: Commitment
Chapter 05 - Cornerstone Three: Patience
Chapter 06 - Cornerstone Four: Planning To Succeed
Chapter 07 - What Makes Us Different?
Chapter 08 - Fighting the Resistance from Others
Chapter 09 - Diet Talk
Chapter 10 - Additional Thoughts on Your Success
Chapter 11 - Traveling at the Speed of Thought
Chapter 12 - Developing Speed and AthleticismÐ The Three Basics
Chapter 13 - Core Workouts
Chapter 14 - Run Workouts
Chapter 15 - Weight Workouts
Chapter 16 - Summarizing the Three Basics
Chapter 17 - Typical Yearly Training Program
Chapter 18 - Inspiring Stories of Success
Chapter 19 - Final Comments from Bill and Rick
Appendix I - Major Muscle Groups of the Core Area
Appendix II - Award-Winning Athletes
Appendix III - Additional Resources

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