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If success or heroic behavior were measured only by the amount of recognition or compensation someone received for their efforts, then very few people could lay claim to either of those achievements. Using a former NFL fullback with the Seattle Seahawks as a model, Unsung Heroes boldly states that things like headlines and high salaries have little or nothing to do with importance or relevance not just in sports, but in all walks of life.

In Unsung Heroes, you will get an inside look at Mack Strong's football career, his family life, his failures and successes, his future goals and dreams and the faith he claims that helps him to hold everything together. And though you will come to learn that his teams have never been declared state champions, national champions or world champions, you will come away with an appreciation for the number of wins he's collected in the all-important game of life.

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The Mack Strong Story: Unsung Heroes Kindle
$6.49 $12.99