The topic of the Holy Spirit has been a much-discussed, much misunderstood topic for the better part of the last century. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to clarify misconceptions in order to promote correct concepts regarding the nature and work of the Holy Spirit. Since only the Spirit can change hearts and human effort merely frustrates us, we must strive to grasp how the Holy Spirit works with the Word to mold our character, reform our nature and shape our destinies.

1. The Nature of the Holy Spirit
2. A Study of Miraculous Gifts (1)
3. A Study of Miraculous Gifts (2)
4. Baptism with the Holy Spirit
5. Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit
6. The Holy Spirit and Man's Salvation (1)
7. The Holy Spirit and Man's Salvation (2)
8. The Holy Spirit and Man's Salvation (3)
(Outlines are available on this CD)

This eight message series is a unique opportunity to learn from an expert builder and a teacher who calls disciples back to the love that God expects from every one of his followers. This series is inspiring, challenging, biblical and life-changing for those who put it into practice. For more biblical teaching go to www.gftm.org.
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The Nature and Work of the Holy Spirit