Cresenda Jones

Cresenda Jones, a certified life coach, has been a disciple since 1985 in the Charlotte, North Carolina; Athens and Atlanta, Georgia; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey churches of Christ. She moved to South Florida in 2013. As a result of her experiences and professional responsibilities, she became interested in personal growth (mental health and emotional maturity). She has earned two master’s degrees (MBA—LaSalle University; M.Ed.—University of Georgia) and expects to obtain her license as a mental health counselor in 2016. Cresenda has worked as a school principal and district mathematics and science supervisor. She has facilitated nine group discussions using David Seamand’s Healing for Damaged Emotions Workbook. The first group discussion was in Philadelphia, with subsequent discussions in South Jersey, Newark, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Central New Jersey, and now three groups in South Florida.