John Oakes

John Oakes worked as a professor of chemistry and physics for over thirty-four years. In June 2018 he retired from that role and entered full-time ministry leading a church in Bakersfield, California. John became a Christian in 1978 while a graduate student at the University of Colorado. He earned his PhD in chemical physics there in 1984 and that same year married Jan. They have three children, Ben , Elizabeth, and Kathryn. John also serves as president of the Apologetics Research Society. He has taught on Christian topics in more than 80 countries and for 180 churches. Some of his other books include: The Christian Story, Volumes 1-3, Is There A God?, From Shadow to Reality, Reasons for Belief, and Hebrews: Living by Faith. For more information about the work and ministry of John Oakes, go to

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