Kent and Heather McKean

Kent witnessed his wife's miraculous healing back in 2013. Not only was she stronger and healthier than when he had met her, but she also had a completely different outlook on life. They began to dream again, which started his journey of finding peace with his own traumas, letting go of being stuck in patterns of coping with the hurt and shame in various destructive ways. This inspired Kent to help others in a way that would free their minds from being stuck in their patterns of life and relationships.

Anchoring the good and making peace with the past, Kent can be present and enjoy his life like never before, helping others do the same. His favorite part of the adventure is living out this new found freedom with his wife and daughters, seeing his dreams become a reality.

Heather has been helping people around the world start living the life of their dreams. Her passion is helping people find freedom from trauma, pain, illness and addiction. After finding herself near death and diagnosed with multiple rare, genetic diseases in 2012, Heather realized that she needed to deal with the “real” cause of all of her chronic illness. She discovered that all of her past traumas, things she thought she had dealt with, were subconsciously supporting her illnesses.

Through the same techniques that she now uses to help her clients, Heather not only healed from a myriad of chronic “incurable” diseases, but she began living the life of her dreams! Now she has dedicated her life to helping others do the same thing. Heather has been married for 16 years and currently has two beautiful daughters on Maui.

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