Elizabeth Laing-Thompson

Elizabeth married her college sweetheart, Kevin Thompson, after spending several years swooning over him from the passenger seat of his Dodge Avenger on the drive to church every Sunday. Together the newlyweds went to work serving campus ministries in North Carolina and Georgia. After a long struggle with infertility, Kevin and Elizabeth became the always exhausted but totally grateful parents of one large dog and four loud kids. Now after 19 years of marriage, they still like each other even though Elizabeth beats Kevin at Ping-Pong and buys too many scandalously overpriced mochas.
    Elizabeth often addresses issues of Christian parenting on her website and Facebook page (https://facebook.com/alizzylife), and she writes, "We are an imperfect family, fighting to do this godly parenting thing God’s way. Our house is too small and our kids are too loud. There are a lot of random gymnastics at inappropriate moments. We have frequent dance-party-related injuries, and epic sock toss battles. We call ourselves the Crazies, because we really are—but most days, we mean that in a good way. I pray the lessons we’re learning, trying to wrestle Christ into the chaos of family life—will give you hope, encouragement, and a lot of good laughs."

All The Feels For Teens

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